Greetings from Boka Marimba! We are Portland’s original African-style marimba band. We have been thrilling audiences in the Pacific Northwest with the exuberant music of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa for more than 20 years. Boka Marimba is a ten piece band, blending soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass marimbas, drum set, percussion, and vocals to create a unique and irresistible sound. Our music is upbeat, danceable, fun to watch, and appeals to listeners of all ages.

The members of Boka Marimba have diverse musical credentials, including backgrounds in jazz, percussion, and voice, but they all share a common love for Shona music. The sheer pleasure of playing is the glue that bonds the band together, and the desire to share this music with others is the fuel that fires Boka Marimba.

Boka Marimba performs at many festivals and concert series’ each year, as well as weddings, corporate events, private parties, benefits and public dances. Workshops with group members are also available.

Please see our Performance Credentials page for a listing of past performances. You can also explore our website and find audio and video clips of our recent work. Even better, check our concert Schedule and come see us live!

We look forward to playing at your next special event!

For more information on booking Boka Marimba please contact our manager.

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Boka Marimba

Boka Marimba

Downloadable Documents:

Boka Cover Letter PDF

Boka Marimba Performance Credentials PDF

Boka Marimba stage plot 2009 Word doc

Boka Marimba stage plot 2009 PDF