Festivals and Annual Events

The Bite of Oregon
Bridgeport Brew Pub’s Rhythm and Blues Series
Crystal Ballroom Birthday Party

Duck Derby

Folklife Festival, Seattle

Good in the Hood
Hawthorne Street Fair
Homowo Festival
KBOO’s Boo Ball
The Mayor’s Ball
Music Fest Northwest
Oregon Coast Aquarium/Rhythms by the Bay
Oregon Peace and Music Festival
Oregon State Fair
PCC Artbeat
Peanut Butter and Jam Sessions, Pioneer Square
Portland Rose Festival
Salem Art Fair
Taste of Beaverton
ZimAid-Hood River
Zimbabwean Music Festival

Opened for the Following African Musicians on Tour

Aster Aweke (Ethiopa)
Bhundu Boys (Zimbabwe)
Dumisani Maraire (Zimbabwe)
Fela Kuti (Nigeria)
Oliver Mutukudzi (Zimbabwe)
Thomas Mapfumo (Zimbabwe)

Concerts in the Following Clubs

Berbati’s Pan
Echo Theater
Hawthorne Rhapsody
Imago Theater
Key Largo
McMenamins’ Crystal Ballroom
McMenamins’ St John’s Pub
Melody Ballroom
Pine Street Theater (now La Luna)
Mt Tabor Pub
The Red Sea
Roseland Grill

Concerts at Colleges and Universities

Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR
Lewis and Clark College
Portland Community College
Reed College
Western Oregon University

Collaborations with other Artists

Aurora Women’s Choir
Do Jump! Theater
The Concord Choir

Portland Boychoir
Ysaye Barnwell, formerly of Sweet-Honey-in-the-Rock

Summer Park Concert Series

In Portland, McMinnville, Salem, Cannon Beach, Seaside, Hood River, Prineville, Sandy, Newberg, Vancouver…..

……as well as a plethora of private and corporate events, conventions, benefits, weddings and other special occasions.


Boka Marimba is beyond outstanding….I am not one to dance in public but this group was so good that within minutes my toe was tapping, and it spread throughout my body to where I was doing what everybody else was doing…on foot and moving to the beat. You just have to go down to Saturday Market and hear them live.                 -Jim, a fan

Father’s Day Weekend 2009 at Saturday Market was so great! We listened to marimba music all the way home to Iowa. Blessings to Boka Marimba and the sounds of joy. Ayi-yi-yi-yi!!                   -Ed, a fan

The music is hauntingly beautiful and irresistibly danceable.

There is nothing that can match the uncontrollable rush of excitement that sweeps over a crowd when the resonant, pounding depth of the baritone marimba joins the lead soprano’s melodic introduction to a traditional song. Bad-mood types and cynics flee the premises or succumb to the cyclic rhythms.
Willamette Week
Portland, Oregon

This was some of the best entertainment of my life. I tried to stay seated but finally had to get up and dance.
Elderly gentleman at music festival
McMinnville, OR

Just had to write and tell you all how much we enjoyed hearing you perform at the Hipbone Studio last Sat. night. I’ve heard Boka several times since the band formed, and the sound you all make has matured big time! Just had to tell you. Keep On!”
Steve Einhorn and Kate Power
(former owners of Artichoke Music)

I visited the Portland Saturday Market the last weekend with some out of town family and was utterly captivated by your music. It was incredibly energetic, positive and simply beautiful. I, along with my aunt, bought a CD and have been enjoying it for the past week.         –email from a fan

Thank you for what you do!  I am a percussionist in Madison, Wisconsin.  I came across your group several years ago and fell in love with this music.  That was a few years ago and last year I finally started to get the group (my own) off the ground.  So deepest thanks for what you do.  It so inspired me, I named my group after one of your records! — John, The Serevende Marimba Ensemble, Madison, Wisconsin

I just wanted to let you guys know you impressed me so much.  I am a musician myself and listening to you guys just makes me wanna write some xylophone into my music! But the way you guys layered 7 different xylophones was pretty sweet and then you had the chill drums (which were awesome as well) and on top of that I loved the catchy few lines of singing, once again harmonizing and layering at least 3 different voices! — email from a fan