Boka Marimba is lucky to have the following talented musicians:

MyLinda King (she/her):

MyLinda joined Boka in 1989 when the group was transitioning itself from students of Dumi Maraire into a professional band.  For the last 30 years MyLinda has been teaching both adults and children how to play Zimbabwean-style  marimba in her basement studio, in public and private schools and music camps. In her spare time MyLinda likes to grow her own food and play piano.

Nathan Beck: (he/him)

Nathan Beck has been a percussionist since high school.  He was very involved in drum and bugle corps (Argonauts and Santa Clara Vanguard) in the 1980’s.  After graduating from Lewis & Clark College in 1992, Nathan joined Boka Marimba.  He spent 18 months traveling and learning the mbira tradition in Zimbabwe.  Some of his teachers include Tute Chigamba, Garadziva Chigamba, Garikayi Tirikoti, Wiri Chigonga, Cosmas Magaya, Musekiwa Chingodza, and Forward Kwenda.  Currently, he daylights as a teacher in Portland Public Schools.

Eric Berkley (he/him):

Eric Berkley has been a member of Boka Marimba since the fall of 1994. Eric has played drums and percussion in numerous bands throughout his life. He graduated college from University of Connecticut and currently works as an IT Manager.


Aisha Beck (she/her):

Dancing and playing music brings Aisha Beck much joy and she has loved sharing this joy with audiences for the last 21 years while playing with Boka Marimba. Aisha has been the booking manager for Boka since 2006. As a kid she loved playing classical and folk guitar with family and friends. These days she spends her days teaching math to high school students. She runs, hikes, spends time with cats and reads.


Karin Tauscher (she/her):

Karin Tauscher has been a member of Boka Marimba since 2005 and especially loves the challenge of singing while playing marimba. She lives in Hood River, OR where she works as a social services program manager. She has also spent many years teaching marimba in the Columbia Gorge, and has been lucky enough to bring quite a few Zimbabwean musicians to her small town to teach and perform. When she’s not working or commuting to Portland to play with Boka Marimba, Karin enjoys being outdoors….hiking, camping, floating rivers, and spending time with her family and dogs.

Jonah Butman (he/him):

Marimba has been a part of Jonah’s life since he was a young man. He started learning marimba in elementary school from long time Boka member Eric Miller. Jonah kept up playing with him through high school and afterward in a hit youth marimba band named “Supa Dupa Marimba Bros”. He found Boka and joined in 2017. When Jonah isn’t playing marimba, he is relaxing at home with his partner and two kiddos.

Parker Ediger (they/them)

Parker joined Boka Marimba in the fall of 2017 with fellow band mate Jonah. Parker’s explorations in Zimbabwean music started with playing marimba after school with Rosalie Brown-Lundh at age 11, later picking up mbira with Erica Azim at 13. Their first introduction to Boka was sitting in as a teen at Skidmore Market gigs. They have continued their education in Zimbabwean music learning from teachers including Cosmas Magaya, Musekiwa Chingodza, Patience Munjeri, Caution Shonhai, Fradreck and Sam Mujuru, and others. Parker has also served on the organizing committee for the Zimbabwean Music Festival. Outside of making music, they are working on an accounting degree at Portland Community College.

Claudia Sneathen (she/they):

Claudia has been playing Zimbabwean and South African marimba since they were 11 years old. She started her journey learning from Karin Tauscher in Hood River. In 2020, Claudia joined Boka Marimba. As well as playing marimba, they also love singing, playing piano, ukulele, and aux percussion. She also has a passion for taking care of and teaching little ones.

Conrad Rice (he/him):

Conrad started playing marimba at 7 years old at the Kutsinhira Cultural Arts center in Eugene, where he grew up. He has played in several different bands over the years, and joined Boka in early 2022. He has recently graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Spanish and Applied Linguistics, and outside of school and marimba he enjoys photography and spending time with his dog.

Leo Parsons (they/them):

Leo Parsons started playing marimba with Karin Taucher at the Musango Marimba Center in 2013, and has been part of Boka since the beginning of 2023. They are studying social work at Portland State University, and are delighted with the opportunity to make marimba more central in their life.

The Boka Extended Family

From our friend and teacher Patience Musandirire:

“So something about Boka, the word Boka in Shona when translated to English. Boka resemble a mutual group. Boka resemble sharing of beliefs and values. Boka resemble a mix of reciprocal identities. Boka resemble a team and placement that serves a role. Boka resemble love and care for the person next to you. Boka means ‘I got your back’, Boka means we are together!!”

Since its inception as a group back in 1987, Boka has been incredibly thankful to have over 50 different sets of hands touch our mallets and influence the music we make. We acknowledge and celebrate all those who contributed to making this band what it is today.

Boka Marimba’s past members:

Karen Andersen
Maura Bank
Sarah Brown
Mark Burdon
Rachel Burdon
Eric Cain
Julia Chigamba
Owen Conway
Sue Davis
Elgin Dean
Karen Deora
Doug Ferguson
Manavihare “Mimy” Fiaindratovo
Kite Geidritis
Marian Grebanier
Lefty Head
Mikaela Hennessy
Beth Jonquil
John Kellerman
Fred King
Damon Koach
Paul Lee
Jenny Levinson
Daniel Lockley
Melanie Lyon
Tim Mansolino
Sally Mays
Lisa McKerlick
Eric Miller
Eric Orem
Steve Pancerev
Dan Pauli
Mary Pearson
Georgia Peterson
Thomas Petit
Steven Pettengill
Andy Pinzelik
Ann Pinzelik
Terri Redwolf
Tia Regan
Stephanie Roth
David Schaldach
Mari Shay
Dale Sherbourne
Bee Simon
Jan Swanson
Pete Swing
Nancy Wong

[list under construction, names may be missing]